Sabudana Punugulu


  1. Idly Batter
  2. Saboodana
  3. Rice flour
  4. Jeera
  5. Salt
  6. Oil
  7. Green Chillies
  8. Curry Leaves
  9. Onions
  10. Soda



Soak Sabudana for 2 to 4 hours. Now in idly batter add soaked saboodana, onions, chillies, curry leaves, jeera, salt, soda, rice flour and mix it well. Sabudana should be more in quantity than idly batter to get nice crunch and all ingredients should be added according to your taste more or less , pinch of soda.

Step 2.

Heat oil in a pan and with the help of water take small portion of the better and slowly drop it in the oil and fry till golden and remove it in tissue as you can see in the pic.

Saboodana punugulu is ready to serve , serve it with green chutney flavoured yogurt dip , it goes very well with this dip and tomato ketchup.

Dip: Beat the fresh curd with green chutney made of green chillies, pudina , coriander leaves, salt and lemon juice.



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