Idli Sambar ( Idli )



  1. Urad Daal
  2. Idli Flour ( ravva )
  3. Salt
  4. Oil


Step 1.

Wash 1 cup of flour and keep it a side. Now wash 1/2 cup of daal and soak it for 4 hours, it should be in 2: 1 ratio.

Step 2.

Blend the daal to fine paste and mix it with flour and keep it over night for fermentation. It may take more time to ferment in Uk or countries with less temperature.

Step 3.

When your batter is fermented, add some salt to taste and stir it well.

Step 4.


Now take a microwave idle maker and apply ghee or oil to it and add the batter and steam it for 5m.

Step 5.


Now let it cool down for some, then remove it and serve it with sambar or your favourite chutney. Some times we may have problem that we wont get idli that soft may be because of fermentation problem and consistency of the batter may also differ in that.

Step 6.

So Batter should not be too runny in consistency nor too thick and the batter should be fermented. This goes well with any chutney and sambar.




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