Lemon rice(Nimmakaya Pulihora)




  1. Rice
  2. Lemon
  3. Oil
  4. Mustard seeds (Avaalu)
  5. Cumin seeds (Jeera)
  6. Peanuts (pallilu)
  7. Chana daal (Yellow split peas)
  8. Urad daal (Menapappu)
  9. Dry red chillies (Endu Mirchi)
  10. Green chillies ( Mirapakayalu)
  11. Curry leaves (Karvepaku)
  12. Turmeric (Pasupu)
  13. Salt



Step 1.

Wash rice and add two cups of water for 1 cup rice and keep it aside for 15 mins and cook it fluffy fluffy,rice  should not be sticky at all.

Step 2.

After rice gets cooled now add salt, lemon juice according to your taste and keep it a side.

Step 3.

Its time to Tadka.









Heat 2 to 4 tablespoon(tbs) of oil in a deep pan and add 1/4 teaspoon (tsp) mustard seeds,let the seed crackle then add 1/4 tsp  cumin seeds now add  1 tablespoon of peanuts and let it roast for a while untill it changes its colour slightly.

Now add 1/2 tsp chana daal after 2 sec’s add 1/2 tsp urad daal,when it changes colour slightly add  3 slit green chillies,  3 dry red chillies,8 curry leaves,1/4 tsp turmeric and salt slightly as we added before in rice.

Step 4.

Mix tadka with rice.

step 5.

Enjoy yummy lemon rice………



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