Full English Breakfast



  1. Mushrooms
  2. Tomatoes
  3. Egg
  4. Beans
  5. Bread
  6. Juice
  7. Soya sauce
  8. Salt
  9. Chilly powder.
  10. Butter.

Step 1.


Heat a non stick pan and add   thick slices of mushrooms,it starts reducing as it contains moisture in it.

Now add 2 drops of oil if you want orelse its ok ,add 2 drops of soya  sauce,salt,mirchi powder slightly

Step 2.


Take tomatoes and boil it and peel the skin.If you want you can roast tomatoes also with less oil in non stick pan.

Step 3.

Heat oil in a pan and do boiled omlette and add salt ,mirchi powder.

Step 4.

Take bread slices and toast it and apply butter.

Step 5.

Boil beans  and add some thick tomato juice & salt.


Step 6.


Arrange everything in a plate and have with juice of your choice.


Enjoy your tasty english breakfast…………


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