Sweet chapathi’s (polelu)



  1. Maida (Refined white flour)
  2. Chana daal (Yellow split peas)
  3. Sugar
  4. Elaichi powder (Cardamom powder)
  5. Salt
  6. Oil
  7. Ghee (Clarified butter)

Step 1

Mix maida with pinch of salt and knead a dough as seen and let it rest for atleast  1/2 hour.


Step 2.

Wash chana daal and  add enough water to boil and make a paste.

Step 3.

For 1 cup chana daal add 1 cup sugar,1/4 teaspoon elachi powder and bring everything to boil by continuously stirring it.

It should boil in very slow flame for long period so it gives nice aroma as the daal and sugar cooks with elachi powed

Do stir frequently untill it comes out like a soft ball when we hold it.

We have to remember that after removing the daal from flame as it cools down it becomes more hard so remove it before too hard .

Now we get perfect sweet ball’s after the mixture is cooled for some time.

Step 4.

Divide dough into small lemon size  ball’s and keep it aside.

Divide sweet mixture also into small lemon size and keep it aside.

Now with the help of oil spread dough and fill it with sweet mixture and cover it all over,sweet mixture should not be seen.

Now press a stuffed ball with your palm slightly and keep it aside and rest it for atleast 5 mins as seen in picture above.

In the same way we have to repeat with all other dough and should set for 5 mins

Step 5.

Now take a clean cover and spread oil on that sheet .

With the help of your hands spread it gently so that stuff should not come out as seen below. Like pressing pastry dough but with hands where the butter should not come out. In this case it will be the mix inside that should not split out of the dough.



Step 6.

Heat a fry pan untill its hot and now its time to fry your sweet chapathi in pan.

Once you  get  brown colour one side turn upside down and spread the chapathi with ghee.

Turn to other side and apply ghee to this side.

Step 7.

Here comes your delicious sweet chapathi’s ready.




Step 8.

Enjoy your yummy sweet chapathi’s.


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